• The Skills from 25 Years of Service

    Experience with all major manufacturers & their niche applications

We’ve seen it all—and fixed it.

From refinery applications to pharmaceutical mixing seals, we have solved bad actor equipment problems across an array of operations. With Seal Specialists, there’s no guesswork—it’s direct experience and proven results.

An obsessive attention to details.

Whether performing repairs, failure analysis, or consultations, we approach every job like forensic scientists. We leverage laser scanning technology and consider every point of data—we never make assumptions.


Our experience enables a holistic approach to seal repairs. We reverse engineer the part to find the exact tolerances and material compatibilities. But we don’t stop at the seal itself—we also investigate the equipment for sealing configuration issues. It ensures our repairs will last and it’s something the equipment experts just can’t do.

  • Mixer seal and pump seal repairs
    And other types of seal repairs for every manufacturer, industry, and application.   
  • Fully equipped service center
    Including an overhead crane, high pressure testing apurati, and ultrasonic cleaners.  
  • Oversized seal capabilities
    For face lapping of large-scale seals—up to 24” in diameter.
  • Independence from manufacturers
    Our customers are our employers—which means objective and effective solutions.    
  • 1 day turnaround times
    Unrivaled repair speed for customers who can’t afford an extra minute of downtime.

Get back to production

Failure Analysis

When any pump or seal fails, we get to the root of the cause. With pump failures, we follow a detailed path of investigation–interviewing operators and maintenance staff as we analyze the equipment. With seal failures, we perform an autopsy to find operational issues, installation errors, or material compatibility problems.

  • Grounded by experience, but ahead of the times
    We leverage cutting-edge diagnostic tools and decades of on-the-job know how.
  • Our root cause analysis (RCA) digs deeper
    Detecting the subtle issues–like occasional dry running–is our specialty.
  • Find the real problems—not excuses
    Having an manufacturer-independent third party ensures an objective analysis.
  • Turn bad actors into reliable equipment
    An expert RCA can slash the MTBF for even the most problematic pumps or seals.
  • Reduce incidence rates and maintenance budgets
    Problematic pumps can account for up to 50% of operating budgets.

Discover why your pump failed


As an entire plant can come to a grinding halt over a single pump, we specialize in application recommendations for bad actor equipment. We start with a bird’s eye view of the entire system and drill down to sealing solutions. The result is extended equipment life and significant reductions to long-term cost of ownership.

  • Experience with all manufacturers and niche applications
    We are unbiased in finding the best solution–even if we don’t carry it.
  • There’s no compartmentalization at Seal Specialists
    Knowledge of both seals and equipment creates better long term results.
  • Zeroing in on undiscovered needs
    Our diverse experience can illuminate what a “bad actor” really means at your facility.  
  • Experts in power generation and chemical processing
    Feed pumps and process pumps are tough for others but are well-known to us.  
  • Improve plant reliability and profitability
    When bad actors become reliable, repair costs drop as unit run lengths grow.

Cut your operating costs